Key Thickness
mm mm
20 1
30 1
30 1,5
40 1
40 1,5
(C) Key
(S) Thickness

The octagonal tube is characterised by an octagonal cut in the shape of the regular geometric figure of an octagon, corresponding to the double measurement of the apothem, whereas the thickness indicates the measurement in millimetres of the difference between the external and the internal sides.

Our tubes are proposed in commercial length, approximately in a range between 4.500 mm 5.500 mm. However, they can be cut in a fixed length, e.g. bars of 5.000 mm, or proposed already cut to pieces in the required sizes, i.e. rings of 30 mm.
The packaging can be arranged on request in bundles protected by bubble wrap or in wooden crates.
To know the minimum producible quantity and to agree on the conditions of return please contact our offices.

Brass CuZn37
Stress relieved

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