TRAFILATI Srl was founded in 1983 and it is specialised in brass and copper tube drawing.

The tubes from our production are not only used in specific sectors such as in electrics - in compliance with the legislation EN 13600/2003 - but they are also employed in a number of diverse industrial sectors - in compliance with the legislation EN 12449/2012.

We produce semi-finished products for factories and wholesalers.
The tubes are produced in commercial length (4,5/5 metres), or in fixed length, as well as in customised length. To know the minimum producible quantity and to agree on the conditions of return please contact our offices.

flat oval copper tubes

The productive unit is based in Pozzolo Formigaro, in the region of Piedmont, next to the city of Alessandria in an establishment which covers 3000 square meters.

The technology of our machinery, the expertise of our technicians and their enthusiasm for our product as well as our organising methods have proven winning qualities in excelling on a very competitive market.

Our company operates according to standards of quality with flexibility and dynamism in customer service, with the highest regard for safety and environmental regulations at the service of the public community.

drawn brass tubes and detail of the section of the tubes

The wide range of production, short term deliveries and high quality standards achieved by our company allow us to aim a significant percentage of our production at particularly demanding foreign markets.

For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will quote you an offer as soon as we can.